Back to the 50’s Weekend – St. Paul, Minnesota

Back to the 50s.jpgBack to the 50’s Weekend – St. Paul, Minnesota

This annual event put on by the Minnesota Street Rod Assocation hosts more than 10,000 street rods, customs, classics, and restored vehicles, all dating from 64 and earlier.

This is a whole weekend full of musi, fun and cars!  With over 13,000 members the club just continues to grow and bring in more and more cars that have been painstakingly put in wonderful condition for the shows the club puts on.  The 50’s weekend gives everyone a chance to show their cars off in the largest arena possible, the Minnesota State Fairgrounds!

The Back to the 50’s show will have over 11,000 vehicles and be viewed by over 100,000 people!  It is rhe second largest show of it’s type in the world, exceeded only by the NSRA  Street Rod Nationals.

Vendors of both food and other items are available both inside and outside during the show.  Just think, you can munch on a whole array of different foods while you walk around looking at some of the most fantastic cars you have ever seen.  Talk to the owners, find out the history of their interest, where they got started, why they do what they do, how to find the right car for you and all kinds of different things.  They would be happy to visit with you and tell you their stories!

In an era where street rod builders are television celebrities and car owners fret about where to “debut” their six-figure, pro-built rides,(you’ve seen these shows on TV and heard the bragging rights of many) Back to the ’50s is an unpretentious, bring-what-ya-got gathering. The informal vibe is probably rooted in the way the Minnesota Street Rod Association runs the event. There are no awards or trophies, which takes away the air competition and makes things comfortable for those who own less-than-perfect machines. And by opening the door to all ’64-and-earlier vehicles long ago, the MSRA has ensured a good mix of rods, customs, classics, trucks, and even a few vintage imports, most of which are believe it or not they are actually driven to the show!


MN State Fairgrounds
St Paul, MN 55108-3099


(651) 641-1992 Business 1

(952) 278-3140 Business 2


15 Responses

  1. What’s the date of this event? Where do I find vendor information?

  2. Thank you for contacting with your question. The 35th Annual Back to the 50’s Weekend (2008) will be Friday, June 20 at 8 AM.
    Please contact the numbers above (in the post) for any additional information you may need.
    Enjoy your time in Minnesota!
    The Editor

  3. where can i find more info about the weekend? what is there, what to do, start and finish times, swap meet
    thanks tim

  4. How much for an adult and child to come to this show.

  5. For admission prices please call (651) 641-1992 Business 1. There is no email available (that we could find) for information, just the phone number.


  7. What are the dates for the 2010 Back to the 50’s event?

  8. The 2010 Back to the 50’s will be June 18 – 20th at the State Fair Grounds, St. Paul, MN

  9. tony the greek

    your state said you should boycot arizona.well i come everyyear to back to the 50,s. there about 5 of we decided to boycot your state. and thank God you people wont come to Arizona. you dont now how to drive on the roads out people poke along the roads. so i am glad you are boycotting Arizona. so the hot rodders from Arizona are boycoting your state.

  10. can you please tell me when the 2011 back to the 50’s car will be held at the state fair grounds?? this year 2011 ithas been years sense we have been able to travel out there and would like to try to come this year!!! also any local hotels would behelpful thankyou.

  11. June 2011

    MSRA Back to the 50’s Car Show
    Dates: June 17, 2011 – June 19, 2011
    Location: Entire Fairgrounds

  12. Ann and Adolph (Ernie) Kurtz

    We will be bringing our 57 Chev’ 210 fourdoor sedan and attending Back to the 50’s for our first time. We’ve heard lots of good stuff about the event and are looking forward to both attending and joining the MSRA. Ann printed off both applications and we will send them in this weekend. Se you there.

  13. What are the dates of this year 2012 Back to the50’s car show?

  14. June 22, 23, 24, 2012

  15. I have attended this event 2 times now and am anxious to go again. I really enjoyed being to talk to so manu vendors and be able to get a wealth of tech. info from them and all the participants at the show. My wife also enjoyed the show even though she prefers to look and ride not work on cars and trucks. lol.

    As a disabled American vetran I wish there was a way to get around and see more; seats in the shade were very scarce so when I needed to stop for awhile we roasted somewhat. Even with that it was still worth it.

    We are hoping to have enough saved to go this year, it has been about 4 or 5 years now. Anyone that wants to talk to vendors should definately attend.