St. Peter Regional State Hospital – St. Peter, Minnesota

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St. Peter Regional State Hospital – St. Peter, Minnesota

This hospital is now known as St Peter Regional Treatment Center.  It was previously the first psychiatric treatment facility of its kind in the state.  It was originally built in 1866 in downtown St. Peter but has since been moved to the southern end of the city where it occupies 580 acres of wooded land.  St. Peter is seventy miles south of the Twin Cities.

The "old Center" building is now a museum which is open to the public by appointment.  Take a walk through the treatments of the mentally ill in the 1800’s while walking through the museum..  The museum includes artifacts, displays which use photo’s and settings of furniture depicting small vignettes of hospital life and routines of the turn of the century.

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  1. Delphine Thomas

    I am not sure how to contact Saint Peter State Hospital about a person who was there as a patient, died there, and is buried there. She is a aunt. Could you please help me. Or, direct me to someone I should contact. I would like to do a memorial for her (and other family members) on Find A Grave. Is it possible to get a photo of her tombstone? I can also come to visit later this spring to see the grave and take a photo. Our Aunt in question is Effie Laura (Hand) McLaughlin). She died Septembe 5, 1956.

    Many thanks, Delphine Richter Thomas