Knute Nelson House/Douglas County Historical Society – Alexandria, Minnesota

Knute Nelson.jpgKnute Nelson House/Douglas County Historical Society

This home, owned by Knute Nelson, was built in 1872 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  The home now houses the Douglas County Historical Society and the research papers they have for public use.

Knute Nelson was a political power in Minnesota in the 1800’s in his roll as representative, governor and senator.  He came from Norway with his mother in 1849 when Knute was 7 years old.  After living in Wisconsin as an adult he moved to Minnesota to practice law. 

In Alexandria he began his political career that was to last for many years.  He was considered one of the most important people in getting the railroad from St. Cloud to Alexandria and beyond.

Location: 1219 Nokomis St., Aleandria, Minnesota 56408

Phone: 320-762-0382