Arctic Cat Manufacturing Plant Tour – Thief River Falls, Minnesota

arctic cat snowmobile.jpgArctic Cat Manufacturing Plant Tour – Thief River Falls, Minnesota

If you have ever been on a snowmobile you know the joy of having the snow fly under you, the beauty of the fresh white snow allowing you to go to places you wouldn’t normally be able to get to.  You know the power, the thrill of an Arctic Cat.

Now you can take a tour of there they are made.  Arctic Cat snowmobiles have been manufactured in Thief River Falls for over 35 years.  The plant is listed as having one of the top 250 plant tours in the nation in the book entitled "Watch It Made In The USA: A Visitors Guide To The Companies That Make Your Favorite Products." 

Plant tours are FREE of charge and offered weekdays at 1 pm.

They are located in the Industrial Park in Thief River Falls at

601 Brooks Ave. S.

Phone: 218-681-8558


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  1. The tours are a seasonal thing. Sometimes the plant shuts down for change in production. Make sure to double check.

  2. Robert Ramstad TowBuddyBar Inventor

    Hi My name Is Robert Ramstad and I Love Artic Cat Snomobiles and ATV-s there truly the best in the market, I own a nice older 580 and I also owned two of the Artic Cat Four wheelers there truly the best I buy them Thomas snow sports out of Ogilve Minnesota,, I’m looking forward to a tour of the plant in Theif river there one day,,I also will be looking forward to the future with Artic cat, Like I said in my name slot I’m and Inventor and I need to meet with someone from the company one day I came up with a product for snowmoblies and Towbar so I will be looking to see if Artic cat Might want to be one of the first to be able to sell it with there sled’s?? that’s down the road from now.and for now I will sign off by saying Artic cat’s are #1111111111111111,,Aka Robby Danger ,,,Inventor,,,

  3. How do I find out about touring the Arctic Cat plant? I called a couple numbers and never was able to talk to anyone about when they were on production. I am planning avisit in late may, i am hoping to be able to see the plant. Can anyone help me out?

  4. Hi Deb,
    Actually, we haven’t been able to contact anyone at the plant either. Not sure why they don’t want to be contacted, but apparently they don’t. I’m sorry we can’t help.

  5. Keep calling Arctic Cat, you will eventually get through (that’s assuming you are using a correct phone number)! Plant TOURS go year round this year, even though there is a scheduled maintenance shutdown for the assembly areas each spring.

    Many people want to see where Arctic Cat’s are made even if there is no actual production happening.

    Mid-May the snowmobile assembly line is scheduled to begin work, with ATV / UTV assemblers tentatively scheduled to go back to work June 1.

  6. FYI – the 2010 Snowmobile Assembly line schedule to begin production has been pushed back to May 24th with the possibility of further delay of another week.

  7. Yvonne D. Genereux

    My father was an Arctic Cat dealer for several years up in Chelmsford, Ontario, Canada and sold snowmachines and mini bikes. When my father Yvon Genereux raced snowmobiles, he was racing the 1973 Formula 250cc & 440cc open modified class? Sound familiar? He even raced against Team Arctic here in Chelmsford at Sudbury Downs racetrack back in the 70’s or 80’s. The Arctic Cat factory had given him all parts they had left down at the factory since he had such good luck in keeping this machine in the races. My brother now has this machine and would also like to restore it.

    I currently have a 1972 Arctic Cat Ramrod 98cc mini bike with the kawasaki engine. I am in the process of restoring it. I was wondering if you still have any stock left for these mini bikes. If not, can you possibly send me information on who might have parts for this mini bike.

    Any information or contact place for parts for the above described Arctic Cat’s would be greatly appreciated.

  8. I have been having trouble with my Fuel Gange. It keeps saying that I need fuel when I have just fulled the tank. We took it to the deals to have it fix the first time and they said we need to put this gas treatment into it. Will we did an it seem to help for about 6o miles and then we filled the tank up and the Fuel keep flashing. Know my husbends is stating to do it also. Do we have a electric proublem or what.

  9. It finally happened, artic-cat ran out of their own ideas, so they copied the look of ski-doo to a tee, other than color of course. The pointed seat, pointed front end, change the name and you duplicated ski-doo. The sleds look so similar that a rider might mistake the artic cat for the ski-doo. what a let down for artic cat riders.

  10. Anyone know where I can find parts for an old 72 Ramrod mini bike?

  11. I have a 79 jag 340 fc with 48000 miles on it .it has been the most reliable machine still runs great but the track gave out.I am quite sure not many polaris or scud owners can boast about that many miles on a sled.